Ostukorvis ei ole tooteid.


Welcome to our company homepage!


Hortus Medicus OÜ is a company based on Estonian capital that represents and sells food supplement and health products. We strive to create values that would help us all to stay well and healthy.

Hortus Medicus translated from Latin means the Garden situated at the Medical University (the Doctor Garden), where medicinal herbs were cultivated for healing and teaching.


Our goal is a satisfied customer and the best possible result with a good team and teamwork.


Our clients are wholesalers, chain stores, pharmacies, hospitals and consumers.


Our team has long experience in representing international manufacturing companies.


As a representative of various manufacturers, Hortus Medicus assumes the same responsibility in front of consumers as the manufacturer.


Our core values are keeping promises, trying to understand our customers, meeting their needs, and exceeding customers’ expectations.

For the manufacturer

Given the individuality of each manufacturer, we are flexible in planning both traditional and innovative sales strategies, meeting Your needs and expectations.

We hope that our team with long-term experience can surpass your expectations in terms of sales and service.

Wishing you good health,

Team of Hortus Medicus